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Gaming Consoles and Top Games

In the good old days there was only a handful of gaming consoles like the Sega Master System and SNES. Now we have the likes of the PS4, XBOX and Nintendo WII to name but a few. The games console industry in the last few years has exploded. The quality of the games and consoles themselves are extremely feature rich and have droves of players playing games for hours on end. Sometimes they play by themselves but can also choose to play other players from around the world depending on there game. Microsofts Xbox console seems to the most popular when it comes to playing with others online and there x-box online subscription reflects that there are however other old school players that still like to play on the older version consoles. Looking at market places like Amazon and Ebay you can usually find a host of old consoles like the sega mega drive, master system and even an amstrad for those who want to travel even.

Avid user keeps his SNES online for over 20 years! read further why he does so..

A gamer in Japan recently posted that he hasn’t turned off his Nintendo super famicon (SNES) for over 20 years! yes that’s right, 20 years! he has been playing the Umihara Kawase game since 1994 and to ensure that he doesn’t lose his game data he decided not to turn off his SNES. Turning off the console would mean loss of game data. Surprisingly when you do turn off the old consoles the data was saved in the rem of the lcd battery. Continual starting and stopping of the console depletes the battery so in a bid to keep the data he’s kept it on for 20 years! Lets see if you can do that with your PS4 or XBOX, somehow we think that it wouldn’t last as long!

Custom built PC’s with your Spec

Building your own PC’s is not an easy task. Nowadays with the amount of different hardware and processor combinations it can feel like a mine field. We can build you a custom PC regardless of the use its required for. We can build your custom PC to your specification and usually at a fraction of the cost of what a PC would cost from a main retailer. Even with those PC you are usually stuck with a PC that’s not fit for purpose.

Sure it will work and allow you to complete tasks, but generally its not going to be able to handle multi tasking, working with images in photoshop or even playing that favourite game online using your stream service. What you need is a PC custom built for you that not only performs the mundane day to day tasks but can also be used for playing games, multi tasking and even rendering 4k games which are now popping up on the market! View our custom built pc’s and see what you can get for your money. youll be surpised at the cost effective yet brilliantly capable pc’s that we can build for you!

Computer Hardware & Accessories

Are you a savvy and geeky nerd? fancy building your own PC? have the experience? or you just want give building a PC of your own a go? We can supply you all the components and accessories that you need to build you super fast PC. We have a full range of Intel processors, gigabyte motherboards and GTX graphics cards at cost effective prices that wont break the bank. This allows you to build your next PC for playing those 4K games or for the graphic designer that simply wants to edit and manipulate images! Visit our components page to view all of the different hardware, compnents and accessories that you need to build your own custom PC..


Game on! 2016

£9.99 £4.98

Cheapest Gaming and Electronics from Advance-tec!

Advance TecAdvance Tec has been supplying computer hardware, components and accessories for over 10 years now. We specialise in building custom PC’s for a range of different clients. Whether you are looking for a custom built PC or just require a component, we can supply you from our wide ranging stock at very competitive prices. We also supply the latest games consoles and games. Need a console that’s a bit older? looking for a SNES, Master system or even older a commodore? maybe a amstrad PC? THE LOOK NO further. We have the largest availability of stock available anywhere!


Apple Tree Yard

£7.99 £1.20


Apple MacBook Air

£849.00 £704.39


Gigabyte Ultra Compact PC Kit

£169.99£209.99 £169.99£205.25


EA Sports UFC 2 Confirmed, Details Coming Soon

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EA has formally reported EA Sports UFC 2, the continuation of its introduction amusement in the blended combative technique sort. A tweet conveyed by the arrangement's official record peruses, "The hold up is at long last over! Tune in tomorrow." This was joined by the picture above, which...

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Fallout 4 Review

1st October 2015 / 0 Comments

Fallout 4 is a charming diversion that draws you in with riddle and the guarantee of enterprise. Its pitiable no man's land can be dazzling, and you never comprehend what odd individual or settlement lies around the following curve. Aftermath 4 utilizes its dim world as a canvas for energizing...

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Rise of the Tomb Raider Review

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Rise of the Tomb Raider develops in a valley frequented by echoes of more established times. Relinquished Soviet structures spot the scene, while past kingdoms lie lethargic underneath the ground. Indeed, even the present occupants, since a long time ago protected from the outside world, still...

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